Shimmering reflections | JOHN T HOGAN

1 John T Hogan is a Seattle based artist who dedicated his whole artistic practice to the medium of glass. Creating sculptural compositions or functional artefacts, his work stands between art and design.
As a matter of fact, Hogan collaborated with Ladies and Gentleman Studio, and he also worked with the designer Eric Ginder and lately, with the Irish artist Karen Donellan on the project J/K.
Hogan’s interest is to depict the optical qualities of glass. Experimenting with shapes, textures, colours, and using light to play with transparency and shimmering reflections, his creations offer a large range of possible pictorial compositions that never stop surprising.









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Black, White and Green | ESPOO x BARONESS O.


Baroness O. and espoo teamed up to give a glimpse of what will be up during the next months. espoo’s top-notch brands and objects proved to be the perfect setting for an O.-treatment: minimalism, simplicity and contrast injected with a little bit of fun.

The combination of black and white is something that will never go out of style. Both colours complement and enforce each other, but together they also form the perfect background to make other colours pop even more.

Wrapping paper by HAY – Wire Bin by  MENU - Cushion Triangle by Ferm Living - Cushion Sticks by Ferm Living - 60 Stool black by Artek –  60 Stool white by Artek


DSC_2474b DSC_2481

Pictures by Charite Smet.

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Spring Cleaning | PUTPUT

PUTPUT3 Spring Cleaning is a series of photographs in which mundane, simple objects are made a whole lot happier by placing them in a colourful, playful setting. Sponges look like yummy ice creams and gloves become a fresh bouquet. If only real cleaning would look so cheerful!
The series was shot by a Swiss/Danish duo called PUTPUT, who operate in conceptual photography, art, sculpture, styling and design and whose works are as cheery and good-humoured as their name lets on.



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Unfamiliar World | KENZO X TOILETPAPER


Are you ready to embark on a journey out of the ordinary? Because we are taking you somewhere you’ve never been.
Well, we aren’t, but Kenzo’s new campaign will do even better than that. For their Autumn/Winter ’14 collection, they once again collaborated with the weird, eccentric and colourful Toiletpaper Magazine‘s creatives – Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari and Micol Talso – to create a campaign (and collection) inspired by David Lynch’s work. Everything you will see is slightly distorted, unusual, with colours as bright as ever.
It creates a never ending story, with no specific beginning nor end, but each chapter seems to represent a part of the collection. New characters appear and the rooms change, creating an atmosphere that wraps itself all around us and lets us discover this new unfamiliar world.




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Tiny Little Creatures| ESPOO x BARONESS O.


Baroness O. and espoo teamed up to give a glimpse of what will be up during the next months. espoo’s top-notch brands and objects proved to be the perfect setting for an O.-treatment: minimalism, simplicity and contrast injected with a little bit of fun.

Photographers Mads Hagedorn-Olsen and Anders Morell have a passion for creepy, tiny, winged creatures. They’ve collected, prepared and photographed selected types of beetles and butterflies, of which they created a series of prints. The insects have been photographed with a high-end camera to reproduce the colours and details of the animals most convincingly.

Poster by Hagedornhagen -  Colour Platter by Karimoku New Standard – Folia Lumina Lamp by Ontwerpduo - Visu Chair by Muuto – Cube Terrarium by Glaskas – Signs Coat Hanger by Karimoku New Standard – Twins Building Blocks by HAY

DSC_2376 DSC_2380b

Photography Credits by Charite Smets.

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Trompe l’Oeil | ESPOO x BARONESS O.

DSC_2574b Baroness O. and espoo teamed up to give a glimpse of what will be up during the next months. espoo’s top-notch brands and objects proved to be the perfect setting for an O.-treatment: minimalism, simplicity and contrast injected with a little bit of fun.

In 2009, Karimoku, a manufacturer of wooden furniture from Japan, launched KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD. International design talents brought innovation and playfulness to the table, which - combined with the know-how and craft of Karimoku – lead to a collection of highly functional objects that are suited for everyday use in our modern, urban society. A table by Scholten en Baijings or a chair by BIG-GAME offer timeless quality and eye-catching originality.

The objects of KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD are made of solid Japanese hardwoods like maple, chestnut and oak.
In an attempt to preserve and revitalize Japanese forests and stay in touch with the local industry, the hardwood is gained from low-diameter trees that previously remained underused, ending up mostly as wood chips for paper pulp.
Karimoku’s tradition derives from a deep understanding of craftsmanship, bound together with innovative technologies to build furniture that meets the highest requirements of quality and sustainability.

Marble Wall Clock by Menu - POV Candleholder by Menu -Agnes Vase by Muuto – Stool by Karimoku New Standard  -  Silent Vase by Muuto - Flow Jug by Muuto - Crushed Bowl by Muuto

Photography Credits by Charite Smets.

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Ice Cream & Geology | STUDIO FLUDD


Studio Fludd is a Venice-based creative collective named after the alchemist Robert Fludd. They draw inspiration from alchemy and manipulate matter, material and ideas in order to create various kinds of objects, graphics, installations, concepts and events.And what could be more appropriate at this period of the year than their last project Gelatology, based on the similarities between ice cream and geology.

In order to offer a taste of their creative methodology, Studio Fludd organised a series of workshops that took place in Milan, Venice, Brussels, Saint-Denis, Ljubljana and Turin.  Participants experienced a certain process of making in order to create their own personal crafted ice cream. You can have a look at all the amazing creations on the Gelatology Tumblr.
This was the first step to a broader project which also gave birth to two illustrated booklets - Gelatology Change and Persistence and Gelatology Micro-Macro - and to a banquet that took place in A plus A Gallery in Venice.




craft 1

craft 2


gelatology booklets 0478_low DSC2282_low DSC2300_low

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Playful Prints | HELLO PATTERN

Pattern-05 Judy Kaufmann, working as an illustrator from her studio in Barcelona, has just launched her latest work. Like her other illustrations, Hello Pattern is a collection defined by vivid colours, organic shapes and joyful combinations. All these geometric shapes and forms can be used as patterns on paper, fabric, walls and more. Because of the simple, effortless drawing style, these patterns can be customized to your wishes and can be used in almost every setting, which is nice since all patterns are up for sale for -almost- everyone to use as he or she pleases.


Object-Pattern-09 Object-Pattern-01 Object-Pattern-05 Object-Pattern-03

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Urban Jungle | ESPOO x BARONESS O.

DSC_2270b When in Antwerp, espoo and espoo butik gather the best of what’s happening in interior decoration at the moment: simple, contemporary and qualitative with a fun scandinavian twist. All objects and brands in both shops and in the online store have the same purity and simplicity to them, making espoo a must stop whenever on the lookout for timeless, superior furniture.

Baroness O. and espoo teamed up to give a glimpse of what will be up during the next months. espoo’s top-notch brands and objects proved to be the perfect setting for an O.-treatment: minimalism, simplicity and contrast injected with a little bit of fun.

Organic, quirky greens form the perfect backdrop for these strong, harsh geometric shapes and lines. Contrasting forms and colours draw the attention, but fit together in one big powerplay between lines, shapes and forms.

Visu Chair by Muuto –  POV Candleholder by Menu -Spica lamp by Iacoli & McCallister - Agnes Vase by Muuto - E60 stool Black by Artek – Wire Basket by Ferm Living – Top for Wire Basket by Ferm Living

DSC_2276 DSC_2284

Photography Credits by Charite Smets.

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Kacper Kowalski Finding beauty in pollution and environmental degradation is exactly what photographer Kacper Kowalski does. Toxic beauty shows landscapes photographed from the air. From ground level you can’t see the entire picture, but looking down from the air you see the massive impact human civilization has on the landscape.

Pollution, dirt, chemicals and toxics are leaking into the ground, but from the high vantage point these sad and toxic places become something beautiful. Kacper Kowalski makes us witness the dramatic impact industrialization and pollution has on landscapes through strong lines, great composition and stunning colors, making us reflect on the human impact on our planet. He shows us something we can’t see, even when we’re standing in the middle of it.


Kacper Kowalski Kacper Kowalski Kacper Kowalski

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Summer is approaching, the desire to spend as much time outside exploring and discovering is stronger than ever.
Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known, a quote from Carl Sagan, is the motto of this beautifully curated image-based website, carefully ordered in four sections – Mountains, Forest, Sky and Water. All images are made by artists, photographers, painters, and maybe even by you.

So get inspired, go outside, look at the sky, swim in the sea, plan an adventure and get involved with the natural archive that is Somewhere, Something.


raphael_halin marion_berrin olivia_larrain

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Distorting Space | FEIPEL & BECHAMEIL

Martine Feipel & Jean Bechameil are a Luxembourg artist duo that has been working together since 2008. Inspired by architecture and interior design, they create installations that can be found at the border between reality and dream.

Their work often responds to specific locations, which challenges the spectator to step away from the existing reality and to immerse himself into a new surreal, disorientating world. The strong minimalist aesthetic of their pieces emphasizes this passage between two worlds. As colors are washed away, the distorted shapes of their architecture and objects are highlighted, which leads the viewer to wonder about his own sensorial perception and to question the relationship between his body and space.


1 2kopie

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Rose is a rose is a rose | THAT FLOWER SHOP

Take time to smell the flowers might be an old gardening cliché, but our friends at the Ace Hotel know you should never question charming knowledge. Nestled cosily into a corner of their new outpost in London is That Flower Shop. The leading lady behind this gem of a shop is Hattie Fox, a girl who says she has been obsessed by plants as long as she can remember. That might be a thing of nature versus nurture, for as the daughter of a landscape architect the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She started working in different flower shops, and quickly became eponymously known as ‘That Flower Girl’.

Her name might sound like that of a quirky character in an English children’s novel (Hattie and the Fox), but she is definitely not your average Mary Poppins, although her skills might suggest the opposite. Not only does she know how to arrange flowers, she has rapidly created an unconventional personal signature garnishing style she herself describes as ‘organized chaos’. Garlands, bouquets, bridal arrangements, delicate head crowns or more hardy green plants: she has it all covered. Is it the combination with the raw urban surrounding of the Shoreditch area that makes her precious compositions look even more fragile? Or is the fact she’s leaving the flowers as untouched as possible the secret behind her effortless bohemian style? Nonchalant, borderline unruly, her bouquets are like the floral equivalent of beach waved hair, perfectly suited to outfit the flower children of the new generation.

As a result, her work steers away from the usual stuffiness that usually characterizes floral art, although the average grandmother who’s fond of pristine arrangements probably wouldn’t refuse these posies. We neither, not only because we at Baroness O. have never denied our love for all things green, but also and maybe even more so because these aren’t just bouquets; they’re the finer things in life. If wearing a basket of flowers instead of a designer bag becomes the next big thing, you know who started the trend.


thatflowershop03 thatflowershop05 Video by Blackbird- Picture by The Independent Map

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On a lazy sunday Jasmine Deporta, an Italian photographer, came up with the concept of her latest editorial.
Imagine laying on the couch for the entire day and you simply became one with the fabric.  The journey begins. Lying, sitting, kneeling, or crouching the upholstery gets conquered.

Normally you would combine your shoes with your belt,  but why not combine clothing with the upholstering of the chairs and couches? Exactly Jasmine’s thoughts, since she is known for her unusual fashion editorials. Her new series Sofa Safari is no exception. All pictures were photographed in a second-hand sofa warehouse in Germany.


safari_001__Jasmine_Deporta_-800px_905 safari_011_jasmine_Deporta_800px_905 safari_003_jasmine_Deporta_800px_905 safari_006_jasmine_Deporta_800px_905

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Suspension Balance | LADIES & GENTLEMEN STUDIO

téléchargement (1)

Founded by Dylan Davis and Jean Lee in 2010, Ladies and Gentlemen Studio develops a multidisciplinary approach to design.
The Seattle based studio experiments with different associations of materials in order to produce various sets of small objects, jewelry, furniture, lighting and beyond.
This dabbling methodology often results in surprising crossbreeding.

That is the case with their last collection “Shape-Up”, which offers a new range of lights and sculptural pieces and emphasizes L&G’s tendency to play with strong mixed-shape geometry.
Composed with materials such as wood and metal, most of the pieces on display also feature delicate glass elements made in collaboration with the glass artist John Hogan.
Based on the concept of suspension and balance, “Shape-up” develops a playful approach to object that allows us to experience them in a modular way and to adapt movement and shape according to our own needs and desires.


shape cluster1copper_small LG_shape up pendants_brass_blue 4c4101a80912cd49074aead5ddf0489d téléchargement (2) téléchargement

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JAN4 Every once in a while I come across images that leave an impression on me. I stop and look at them just a bit longer, move just a bit closer and try to figure out what it is about them that  fascinates me. This was certainly the case with the series Scapes by Jan Pypers. Scapes is part of the traveling expo ‘Photo View 2014’ and contains a selection of four intriguing landscapes.

At first glance you see landscapes, taken by a photographer with an eye for composition. The images are well balanced and thoughtfully put together. But when you take a closer look you see that these images go beyond just sharing the sites and attractions of a place. They have a strange detachment of reality, leaving a powerful impression on viewers. The series is a creative means to communicate in ways that speak beyond words and constructs. It tells stories of non-existing realities, carefully put together and showing us the beauty of an earth that only exists in dreams.


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Let’s Make a Spectacle | ACE & TATE


Ace & Tate have just opened a temporary retail space at Hotel Droog in Amsterdam, that will run from June until the end of August. ‘Let’s make a Spectacle’, with a setting designed by their in-house creatives Studio Droog, will offer a variety of optical glasses and sunglasses from their collection. 

Ace & Tate is a new eyewear brand that offers a great variety of glasses at a fair price and good quality (and beautiful branding). They also participate in the Double Vision initiative, which means that for every pair of glasses you buy, you help provide access to eye care to the people who can’t. A great excuse to purchase more than one, all models have great names too.

In addition to that, if you can’t find any retailers near you or if you are too indecisive, they offer a Home Try-on service, that lets you select your favourite pair and delivers them to your front door for you to try on and decide for yourself.

Let the show begin.




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A few drops | MADE BY RAIN

tumblr_lyopyqWCs01rnc1obo1_1280 Rain is something that you just have to work with in this part of the world. Aliki van der Kruijs was inspired by the persisting presence of this weather phenomenon in the Netherlands and started wondering how the experience of rain could be captured.
As a graphic and fashion designer she combined her skills in Made by Rain, a textile collection that is actually a visual representation of weather data. With a technique she denominated pluviagraphy, she made it possible to catch the rain on textile using a film coating that is sensitive to water. The textiles are layed out, waiting for the rain to do its job. Afterwards, the prints on the textile show how much it rained, wether it was a small drizzle or a heavy rainstorm. Each piece of cloth – unique, of course – has its own tag telling you where it was printed, and how much it rained at the time.


tumblr_mrqq3gvLkq1rnc1obo3_1280 Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 15.21.08 tumblr_mrqq3gvLkq1rnc1obo4_1280 Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 15.20.57 tumblr_mrqq3gvLkq1rnc1obo1_1280

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Stacking stuff | EPIFORMA

beauty_01 Stackable is a collection of modular, interlocking elements that allows you to switch and adapt the objects to your own needs. The three elements can be combined and configured together or can be used separately, according to function and use in your home. The user can rearrange the set and give it a personal touch.
The Stackable series was developed by brand new Epiforma, an experimental Portuguese studio offering a complete service package: they are working in graphic, furniture and product design. The Beauty series consists of a mirror, a box and a fragrance keeper while the Desk series comprises a box, a magnetic cube and a desk clock.


beauty_02 beauty_04 beauty_03 desk_02 desk_03 desk_01-1

Photography credits by Luis Espinheira.

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Capturing time | NIKA NEELOVA

nika neelova
Nika Neelova is a young promising artist born in Moscow. Influenced by the places where she has lived – Russia, France, the Netherlands and now London – her work explores the fields of memory, remembrance and commemoration.

Her inspiration is drawn from architecture and objects, she aims to revive past stories by recollecting elements that survived through time, giving them a second chance to exist among us in a different context.

Her installations and sculptures capture these fragments of buildings and objects at a specific moment, as if time was frozen right before their universe collapsed. 

The evocation of ruins is highly present in her work. By keeping the viewer in between two worlds she introduces a dual approach to both presence and absence, as well as the notion of loss and survival.

Neelova’s process itself could be considered as homage to these forgotten stories, by essentially representing them as casts – she usually works with materials like concrete, rubber, charcoal, or wax – she implicitly gives a second life to objects, emphasizing their distance from the past and their fragile settlement in the present. 

The use of materials is of great importance within Neelova’s practice. Her tendency to play with oppositions introduces another symbolic aspect to her work. When seen from a distance her pieces often appear like damaged manufactured objects. After a closer inspection, their handmade nature is revealed, bringing up a contradiction between reality and fiction.

nika neelova nika neelova nika neelova

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