Summer of Fashion x Café Costume_The linings_unexpected insides
As part of Summer of Fashion, a multidisciplinary festival of arts and fashion, Belgian tailor Café Costume has worked out a limited edition option for their classy, modern range of suits. Nine different Belgian artists – one from every province – have created a custom print. The work of artists like Musketon, Carll Cneut, Dennis Tyfus, Hell’O Monsters and many more is ready to be used as your newest costume’s lining. At last a chance to wear some art on your sleeve.


Musketon_HR VOLGT MAANDAG comstume_bozar BOZAR_Carll CneutParrot_Pattern_30 BOZAR-LaVillaHermosa_OSB_260515 BOZAR FlorisVerbeeck_Pigmenté_final

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Bold is better | MACROGRAPHY

Playtype_Image_0379 Infamous font shop Playtype have just launched their newest collection, and it’s a good one. Macrography is inspired by the sixties, all posters and stationery items boast bold colours, minimal shapes and extra large typedesign. Bold sometimes really is better.


Playtype_Image_0328 Playtype_Image_0301 Playtype_Image_0297 Playtype_Image_0268 Playtype_Image_0195 Playtype_Image_0169

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Dis-Connect | ODD MATTER


Amsterdam-based Odd Matter have recently launched Node, a collection of sculptural lamps. Instead of switches or buttons, these lamps work by connecting an breaking the electrical circuit. The bulb switches on and off by displacing a part of the object. When not in use, these lamps highly functions as a sculptural, aesthetic object.


NODE-blue-OFF NODE-nude-ON NODE-nude-off

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Lava | PECA

lava-plates_030315_01-800x469 LAVA is a decorative set of plates, carved in volcanic stone in combination with brass accents. Designed by Mexican studio Peca, the plates are reminiscent of their cultural roots but reworked in a modern design. The manufacturers have a thorough knowledge of the material: “In the hands of the craftsman who caresses and polished it, the wild stone texture becomes a sensible and human object.” The sculptural look makes this collection handy in use yet easy on the eye as well.


lava-plates_030315_03-800x800 lava-plates_030315_02-800x534 DSC_4764_baja

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Bold and Beautiful | LAUREN ROLWING


These vibrant drawings are the work of Lauren Rolwing, a rising illustrator born in Knoxville, US. Her colourful, bold style adds a cheery vibe, hinting at pop art and memphis. She has worked for clients like Refinery29, Adidas, New York Times, Kenzo … and her illustrations have appeared in Wrap, Harper’s Bazaar, WWD and many more.

Rolwing started her work as an illustrator using glue and scissors, making collages. The scissors have been traded for a computer now, but the pointy lines and angular shapes still add a geometric touch to her current work.
Her influences span a whole range of artists and others: fellow illustrators like Saul Bass, Květa Pacovská and Paul Rand, fashion in general, Ettore Sotsass’s use of colours and patterns, the exagerated gestures from a Tati film, 80’s fashion ads, … Inspiration is everywhere, and ends up looking bold and cheerful in one of her illustrations. Rolwing has found the perfect balance between flat colours and geometric shapes, and refined themes and a modern feel.


Print Print
Print Print

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Big and small | KID

Pale pink and baby blue? Think again. Antwerp’s latest opening KID offers a different kind of children’s wear. Brands like Vans, Mini Rodini, MSGM, Stussy, Tiny Cottons and much more steer away from frilly dresses and cliché colour schemes, delivering more original, grown-up designs in kiddie sizes.
Owners Charlotte and Giancarlo were inspired by their own little son Omar and want to help other parents in their search for cool kids wear.

KID opens today, August 7, and will also launch an online store in September.



Pictures © Hannes Vandenbroucke


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Stuff that sounds like Summer | FRAGMENTO UNIVERSO

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 10.30.10 Stuff that Sounds like Summer is a short video made by Fragmento Universo, a film production & music design studio from Madrid, ran by Christian del Moral & Tessa Dóniga. This little clip was inspired by those sounds that instantly evoke a summer feeling. A cooling fan, the sound of ice cubes in a glass, playing tennis …. They captured those moments and sounds in their studio, using only basic filtering and editing. August has only just begun, so let’s hope we still have plenty of sun coming up to enjoy these sounds for real.


Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 10.31.40
Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 10.32.10
Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 10.30.59
Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 10.29.22

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Wave after wave | ALENA AKHMADULLINA

Alena Akhmadullina is one of Russia’s rising fashion designers. Inspired by ancient folk tales, she creates pieces that add a hint of dreams and fairy tales to everyday life.
Her Resort 16 collection is inspired by the tale about Sadko, an explorer whose musical gift won the heart of the Sea King. The ocean is present in each piece of the collection, through colour and material. Deep blues and foamy green are topped with pale pink and bright white. Hints of sea foam are made out of cashmere and fur, quilted coats and stitched denim evoke the movement of waves and Hokusai-like rip curls are used in print.



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Power by numbers | FIBONACCI SHELF

pengwang_design-01 The Fibonacci Shelf by Peng Wang of Utopia Architecture & Design is based on one of the most intruiging things in mathematics: the Fibonacci sequence or the Golden Ratio. The Fibonacci Sequence is a series of numbers in which the next number is obtained by adding up the two numbers before: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, ….

The shelf is versatile piece of furniture made from a variety of six metal squares, combined with a metal table base that can also be used as a side table.
The pleasing proportions of the Golden Ratio – although its fame is recently questioned too – make this piece a pleasure to look at and to re- and deconstruct, putting all pieces together to create your own mathematical puzzle.


peng-wang-fibonacci-shelf-utopia-architecture-and-design-uk-dpages-blog-10 pengwang_design-02 pengwang_design-04 pengwang_design-07 peng-wang-fibonacci-shelf-utopia-architecture-and-design-uk-dpages-blog-8

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Petits Volcans | IIIF

PetitsVolcans-IIIF-AnneRombach-01 Petit Volcans is a collection of glass vessels designed by IIIF, a multidisciplinary collective consisting of two Icelandic designers, Agla Stefánsdóttir and Sigrún Halla Unnarsdóttir, and Thibaut Allgayer. They joined forces with the the glass blowing centre CIAV in the French mountain village of Meisenthal.
The collection is inspired by fierce volcanos, a ubiquitous natural phenomenon in Iceland. The five pieces stand for the five different stages of a volcano: submarine, dormant, subglacial, eroption and a crater. Like lava, glass moves in its fluid state yet stiffens and dries when it cools down.

Each product is made by two glass blowers blowing at the same time, each responsible for one part of the product. In a delicate process where time, temperature and speed are crucial, the two parts are placed together to complete the shape.

PetitsVolcans-IIIF-AnneRombach-02 PetitsVolcans-IIIF-AnneRombach-06 PetitsVolcans-IIIF-AnneRombach-03 PetitsVolcans-IIIF-AnneRombach-08

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Paradise is out there | SPECHT STUDIO X PICTURE ROOM

7 Poetry and print combine wonderfully in Studio Specht‘s latest production, which she produced for Picture Room in NY. Paradise is out there – a series of 10 digital illustrations – was inspired by Philip Larkin’s striking poem High Windows. Where the poet moves fluidly between present and past, observation and reflection, the prints fluctuate between pictorial states, toying with the idea that the window is a reflective portal through which you can see one another in a different time or space. Fractured patterns, completing colours and swift gradients evoke an image of an intangible, fluid paradise, suggesting a restless yearning and desire for, as Larkin says:
the deep blue air, that shows

Nothing, and is nowhere, and is endless.

The prints and words are topped off with a playlist filled with elegant, inspiring tunes – including tracks by Schlomo, Nosaj Thing, Clams Casino, Plaid and many more –  matching the mood and taking this desire even further.


1 5 6 9

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BRANDON1 Infinite Power spans the latest three years of David Brandon Geeting’s adventures in photography. This book shows a collection of random arrangements, repurposed domesticities and daily peculiarities. His images reveal a world of visual possibilities that are  eerie and endearing at the same time, coming from rearranging and repurposing his own domestic framework.
David Brandon Geeting was born and raised in Bethlehem, Philadelphia, and is now living and working in Brooklyn, NY.
Infinite Power is published by Pau Wau Publications (Brooklyn, NY), an independent publishing house dedicated to the production of limited edition publications of contemporary photography & art.


_Q3A7899 birthdaygourds _Q3A7890 _Q3A7882 014_floralfolder _Q3A7882

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FakedCandid x Baroness O.

FakedCandid is a Signapore-based studio run by visual artists XL and Donson – who both have amazing Instagram feeds, by the way. Their work is focussed on creative and art direction, while their art involves syncing these two modules.

Paint Job is a series of still-life images inspired by the cynical side of a painter’s job. The story is told in a surreal tone, trough the use of peculiar tools and the arrangement of objects, revealing a pinch of the painter’s existence. The bright colors express the depictions of the painter being suffocated, squashed, knocked down and wound – willingly or not.


FakedCandid x Baroness O. FakedCandid x Baroness O. FakedCandid x Baroness O. FakedCandid x Baroness O. FakedCandid x Baroness O.

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Let’s go fly a kite | EDDY’S FLYING CLUB

EFC_about_02_©BenoitChattaway The sun is out, summer is kicking in. Perfect timing to go and fly a kite on the beach or in the park. I bet these were exactly Charlotte Dumoncel d’Argence thoughts when she started Eddy’s Flying Club.

As an industrial designer, Charlotte got involved in the kite making community and quickly became obsessed by it. It’s a humble discipline driven by passionate people that want to improve their skills and share them with others, a rare thought within the competitive design industry.

Eddy’s Flying Club proves kites can be used in an urban, busy and meteorologically challenged context. When it’s raining outside they will look beautiful on your walls. All kites are handmade in Brussels with carefully chosen lightweight, durable and aesthetically pleasing materials.


EFC_about2©EFC Baroness O. eddys flying club
Baroness O. eddys flying club
Baroness O. eddys flying club

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Smaller Specs | MYKITA FIRST

Mykita, the hip Berlin-based eyewear brand you might know from their collabs with Maison Margiela, just launched their newest range of glasses. This time, they’re looking at the smaller people among us.

Mykita First boasts more of the distinctive, modern MYKITA design aesthetic, but in smaller sizes. The seven unisex models are especially designed for kids, including four optical and three sunglass frames. Since kids are made to move, play and discover, all frames are made from light yet sturdy materials, and all frames are sealed with a rubber coating, makings sure they remain scratch-free. The perfect frames to keep your young ones safe yet stylish.


slider_first Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 15.41.24

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Jasper Krabbé | 10 QUESTIONS


Jasper Krabbé is a well-reputed Dutch painter, visual artist and photographer. His artworks often combine photography with multiple materials, from used envelopes and layers of paint to pages that have been torn out of a book.
Summer is Full of Hope hosts a collection of painted photographs, straight from Jasper’s personal archive. The pieces are heavily inspired by dreams, memories, the notion of transience and poetry. The incomplete, illogical way in which memories appear to us clearly rings through in the images he created.

Krabbé started as a street artist as part of the first collective in Amsterdam, United Street Artists. At the moment he has a column in Harper’s Bazaar, hosts television show ArtMen and often makes appearances in shows like De Wereld Draait Door. Art runs through his veins: his great-grandfather, grandfather and dad (famous actor and director Jeroen Krabbé) all were prolific painters, making Jasper the fourth painter in line.

Summer is Full of Hope opens on June 13th – this Saturday – at Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp and will be on show until Thursday 2nd of July.

1. How would you describe what you do?
I’d like to make paintings that look like they were found in a forgotten coach house, hidden between Moroccan tents, hatboxes, cabin trunks and vintage gowns that once were worn dancing the foxtrot, now half eaten away by moths.

2. At what time do you start your day and what’s the thing you do first?
I start at 6.00 and the first thing I do is write down my dreams. If I can’t remember it, I make one up.

3. What is the reason you started doing what you do? What makes you so passionate about it?
I started painting because it was pretty inevitable: there are four generations of artists or painters in my family. I am passionate about art. It is my salvation, my lifebuoy, my love.

4. What or who is your source of inspiration?
It’s a beautiful yet slightly haughty lady with small hairs in the nape of her neck, only to be seen in indirect sunlight, too subtle to draw. A lady who, despite repeated attempts, never writes back … Desirable but impossible in every respect.

5. Which is your all-time favourite design?
The butterfly chair. Not because it’s comfortable to sit in, but because it’s the most sensual, funky chair in the world.

6. Do you see yourself walking down this road forever, or do you have other creative calls? 
I might look into acting perhaps. And I’m writing too.

7. Which piece of work would you consider your very own masterpiece?
Collected Drawings nr. 02.

8. If you had a time machine, in what year would you be living?
Probably in 1902 in Vienna, that seems an interesting age.

9. Cookies and milk, or chips and soda?

10. If you could give yourself one single piece of advice before you started this adventure, what would it be?
Forget about it.



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Show 15 | LA CAMBRE

Last weekend, Brussels-based La Cambre kicked of the Fashion Academies graduation season. Being part of Europe’s top-notch fashion design schools, exceptions were high, as always, but they were definitely met. 

Scenography was designed by Simon Siegmann and was truly impeccable. A system of ropes split up the catwalk in two pieces. A pure but clever and dynamical solution to every fashion designer’s catwalk needs.


Marine_Serre The collection of Marine Serre was inspired by Flemish Renaissance Masters. Think pleated textiles, voluminous shapes and elegant cuts.

Julian_Klausner Julian Klausner’s collection gave a contemporary and fashionable twist to the Belgian Tricolore, with some 70’s vibes and a hint of western. The funky shoes were a collision between traditional cowboy boots and sky-high pumps.

Mariam_Mazmishvili Complementary colours stand out in Marian Mazmishvili’s collection. She designed modular pieces that can be worn inside out too, in order to contribute to the identity of the owner. The embroidered tattoos on the knitwear make the looks stand out.

Anna_Tanaka Anna Tanaka’s silhouettes were clean with a certain edge, with clean and sharp cuts. Sober, neutral colour tones were combined with calming patterns. The giant pompoms on the shoes topped it off, while adding a playful element.


Urban Military inspiration forms the leitmotiv in the graduation collection of Naomi Courau. The collection mainly consists of camouflage prints, oversized nets and strong metal zippers. The cuts are oversized yet very feminine at the same time.

FabienVerriest Fabien Verriest showed colourful, fluorescent and geometrical inspired looks for the contemporary man. I must admit, those pink sandals made my heart skip a beat.


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Summer of Fashion | THE BELGIANS

thebelgians3 This summer, fashion will be all around Brussels. The Summer of Fashion will host a range of events, expo’s and activities, including MADIFESTO and The Belgians- An Unexpected Fashion Story.
The expo, staged throughout BOZAR, digs into the history and DNA of Belgian fashion. Several themes are explored in this – very, very big – exhibition: the first fashion houses, the Antwerp Six, surrealism and avant-garde, international reach, our fashion schools, the fashion industry …
Over one hundred designers are represented, with installations, silhouettes and pictures from A.F. Vandevorst to Minju Kim and from Olivier Theyskens to Raf Simons.
Belgian fashion encompasses a lot more than the Antwerp Six. The diversity, craftsmanship and originality of what fashion means in this country is wonderfully exemplified in this magnificent expo. Definitely worth a stop this summer!

The expo opens today, June 5th and will run until September 13th.


thebelgians4 thebelgians2 thebelgians1

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Trestle up your game | BORDBORD

Baroness O. Bordbord Trestles: an underestimated part of the wonderful world of furniture. Most of the time, they come in way to heavy or conservative versions, underlining the seriousness of their job holding up a whole table.
Camilla Ödmo, furniture designer and art director of Bordbord, took a different turn. She designed more elegant, playful trestles with a hint of rock & roll. The tables consist of light, floating surfaces supported by thin diagonal lines. The desktop and the stackable trestles come in different colors, and can be mixed and matched.


Baroness O. Bordbord Baroness O. Bordbord Baroness O. Bordbord Baroness O. Bordbord

Pictures by Andreas Ackerup.

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Colliding Cultures | ARMA CUTIS

Baroness O. Arma Cutis
Arma Cutis
, or armor of skin, is the label of Belgian graphic and fashion designer Alexandra Sebbag.
The AW15 collection, that includes pieces for both men and women, navigates trough a mysterious world of colliding cultures. Strong black and white graphical patterns translate worlds of turbulent vitality, in an intimate symbiosis of strength and sensuality.


Baroness O. Arma Cutis Baroness O. Arma Cutis Baroness O. Arma Cutis Baroness O. Arma Cutis

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